Saturday, May 11, 2013

A New Beginning

OK... a new beginning is coming up. After almost 8 years, it's now time to make the switch. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, August 20, 2012

All Boys Day Out

The boys were down with HFMD for one whole week. It was stressful and trying period for the whole family. The boys were quarrelsome having been cooped up in the house for so long; Mummy had to sacrifice her part time work and took care of them for the whole week. Needless to say, she was also very cranky.

Mummy asked for a "time-out" period so I decided to either bring the rascals to Sembawang Park or to the Zoo. Mummy said the Zoo because she didn't want the boys to play with sand and dirt at Sembawang Park as their immunity systems should be weaker.

The boys were thrilled when they got to know that they were going to the Zoo. They wanted to see the sun bears, feed the goats and to take the tram rides.

We set off just before 9am and I guess I will skip the details of trip itself. It helps that we have signed up as Friends of the Zoo and nowadays, we never feel the need to maximize the trips down to the Zoo or to rush through the animal exhibits.

It was nice to spend time alone with the boys. But contrary to some delusional parents who think that having individual time with your kids means to have some epiphany on your bonding with your children, it's usually the little details which matter in the end. Confused? Well, I will try to explain. First of all, when it comes to taking care of a pair of twin toddlers, your work is doubled and you have to react fast to all situations. For e.g. - soothing both of them when their onset of anxiety kicks in before the animal show, getting both of them to pass urine in the toilet, coercing them to eat their snack etc... You simply do not really have time to "enjoy" the moment. However, I will normally let the occasions pass and then simply recollect the happenings at a later time, and usually it would be rewarding enough even if I do not recall everything.

Then, things don't always go your way. In fact, things never go your way. Recently, the boys regarded the feeding of the goats with dried leaves lying on the ground as one of the highlights of a trip to the Zoo. But today, their happiest activity at the Zoo was crushed by a stern zoo keeper who told us bluntly that we are not allowed to feed the goats. The zookeeper was absolutely right but it didn't matter to a pair of toddlers who felt so disappointed. In the end, I have to empathize with them while explaining for the umpteen time why the goats should not be fed. I guess they still did not understand the reasons. But it helps to listen to their questions and to genuinely feel for their disappointment.

So the bottom line is - enjoy whatever time we have with our children. And this includes the good times, the bad times, the mundane and boring times, the terrible times...

I decided to leave the Zoo before it gets too hot and to meet mummy for lunch at Sun Plaza. The boys were still cooperating with me nicely and I was feeding both of them with no trouble at all. But once mummy arrives, they started to "No, Papa..." and started to cling on like leeches to mummy. In the boys' minds, order is restored. God forbid that I take the place of their holy care giver (aka punch bag). But in my mind, I am satisfied and fulfilled.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things I'm Grateful for Today

Things I'm Grateful for Today:

- Waking up in the morning with "Good Morning Mummy!"
- Dedicated teachers who top up cash themselves to get the boys a set of class photo each when I only ordered 1 set. That's so they get a folder each.
- A loving hubby who put his family first and striving hard at work to provide for the family.
- My dearest mum who makes milo for a daughter who should be making coffee for her.
- The speedy recovery from the wisdom extraction.

I've been complaining too much about my life. While I think it sucks big time sometimes, I see a lot of envious eyes when they see me with my adorable twins.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back from Hong Kong!

It was a good break from the boys, though a tiring one as the trip is too short. I'm so proud of Kum Lik this time. I think I underestimated my Hubby. He managed 2 days with my mum's help and sent my Mum back on the second day. He managed the 3rd day all by himself.

He even brought them out for breakfast and out to gather with the cousins all by himself. On top of that, he also managed a load of laundry and mopped the floor. I had expected a burgled looking home but no!

I read a book about twins and the author said something about people have twins because someone up there knows you can do it and someone up there knows you have a partner who can do it. I'm pretty sure I have someone like that. And that means I can think of where to go next?... hahahaha

Monday, July 11, 2011

Myths of Today's Parents

Kids should attend some form of enrichment class to gain knowledge.
Your kids are better off running around at the playground bettering their gross motor skills or playing with sand at the beach and learn about gravity as the sand trickles down from their fingers than sitting at a classroom listening to the teacher and doing worksheets.

Your kids will be more sociable if they attend school or childcare.
Your kids do not need to attend school nor attend childcare to hone their social skills though schools and childcare centers provide the opportunity to. There are other ways such as arranging play dates and sending them to play groups that gives your kids an opportunity to interact and play with peers. Your kids can make friends and socialize anywhere at home or out of home. They need not be at a class. And you can't turn your kids into a Mr/Miss Sociable by sending him/her to class if he/she is Mr/Miss Shy by nature, just like you can't make a Mr/Miss Rowdy a Mr/Miss Quiet.

Your kids will be more exposed by attending class or childcare.
Your kids will be more exposed by going to the Zoo, observing animal behavior or to the Botanical Gardens to be in touch with the nature than being cooped up in a classroom where there is probably no windows and they can only see pictures of animals and plants.

Your kids will learn a lot from TV.
Sure, kids learn from all sources and your child can pick up songs from the Purple Dinosaur fast while entering the TV trance so just imagine how much more they can learn while they are not in a trance. There is nothing wrong with letting your child watch TV for some sanity, just stop telling yourself or others how much good you are doing to them by giving them hours of TV time. There's nothing to be proud of when your kid knows all the TV characters out there and there's nothing to be ashamed of if your kid doesn't know what is Ben 10.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day out with the boys

Brought the boys out yesterday and came home late. Kum Lik was already home. I was pleasantly surprised to come back to a home with:

  • the dirty pots I left in the sink disappeared.
  • hot water in the vacuum flask.
  • bath water ready.
  • the boys PJs nicely laid out.
Please knock me on my head if I ever complain about my man again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm going to Hong Kong!!

I can't believe I'm going to Hong Kong next month! This trip would not be possible if I don't have:

  • a generous sister who gave me the ticket. she changed it with her miles.
  • a supportive and steady husband who kept encouraging me to go for it.
  • a mum who is always there for us.
  • a friend who is willing to travel with me.
My sister announced to the family that she can change for a ticket to HK and if any of us is interested. I'm of course, the one who is the least expected to take it up. I had this impulse one day when the boys were really driving me up my wall. I thought of going on a trip on my own for a break. We met up with a friend next few days and I just casually mentioned we should go together and my friend was actually keen on the trip. Kum Lik was so encouraging, he even harassed me to ask my sister about the ticket. It was with such encouragement from him and with a ready travel companion, I decided to give it a try. Flight and hotel are now confirmed. I'm feeling some apprehension about leaving the boys with Hubby. They should be very happy in the day with their "Papa, Yuan Yuan, Kai Kai time". My only worry is the night as I'm their comfort item. But somehow, I have this feeling that everything will be ok and I'm so excited about the trip!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Documenting Funny Conversations

Life gets interesting (with and without " ") since the boys started to speak. I'm very proud with their linguistic skills. They can speak in proper sentences at the age of 2, using present and past tenses, singular and plurals, etc. I see that their classmates who are much older than them are barely talking much. I credit these to the books they read and I credit myself and Kum Lik to reading loads to them.

Here are some sweet and funny things they have said:

Kai to Papa when they are out at the playground one day, "I want to pick flowers for Mummy" (heart melt)

Me: Yuan, you need to change your diaper. Look, it's so big.
Yuan (whining, lying on the floor): NO... it's not big, it's small.

Me: We need to call for a taxi

Me: Do you know what day is today?
Kai: Is it a special day?
Me: Papa is coming home today!
Kai: It's a beautiful day!
Yuan started singing "it's a beautiful day" from the Barney show.

Me: Who is Mummy's Lao Gong?
Kai: Papa
Me: Who is Ancel Kor Kor's Po Po? (Ancel is their cousin)
Kai: Ng Kui Hoi (my mum's full name)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Champions League 2011

It's a rematch between Man Utd and Barcelona! How I wish Yuan and Kai are older now and we could stay up to watch this game.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mr Yuan

This is Mr Yuan. A 26 months old toddler who

Wears a Thomas The Tank Engine backpack for breakfast to match his Thomas T-Shirt.

Wears his backpack like how you would wear a necklace to the playground, even when going down the slide.

Finds comfort in holding an egg whisk and a baking pan (I managed to take that huge baking pan away) to lull himself to sleep.

Insists on bringing a huge old soccer ball in replace of Mandarin Oranges around for visiting during Chinese New Year.

And a lantern to a Musuem Family Day when the Mooncake Festival is nowhere near.

This quote applies to me so well now.

"If you want to have an exceptional child, you must be willing to have an exceptional child"

quote from The Highly Sensitive Child.